Top 5 Ullu upcoming web series in 2023

Ullu upcoming web series

List of 5 Upcoming Web Series of Ullu

Upcoming Web SeriesRelease Date
1. Jane Anjane Mein 620th January 2023
2. ImliJanuary 2023
3. RikshawalaJanuary 2023
4. NamakJanuary 2023
5. Dream GirlJanuary 2023

Explore Ullu upcoming web series

Web series have revolutionized the way entertainment is consumed in India. One of the leading players in this segment is ULLU, which has secured a strong position due to its engaging content that caters to a wide range of audiences. In this article, we will delve into ULLU’s upcoming web series and other crucial details that make it a must-watch.

ULLU: A Brief Overview

ULLU is a popular streaming platform that specializes in producing bold and risqué content. It has managed to carve a niche for itself in a highly competitive market by targeting young viewers who are keen on exploring unconventional themes.

Understanding the Craze for Web Series

The popularity of web series can be attributed to the growing demand for on-the-go, affordable, and customizable viewing options. Ullu upcoming web series also offer a better platform for niche stories that were previously overlooked or rejected by mainstream media.

About ULLU’s Upcoming Web Series

ULLU has steadily increased its fan following with its previous releases such as “Kavita Bhabhi” and “Guardian.” The fans of ULLU are eagerly waiting for their upcoming series, which is expected to keep up with the tradition of bold themes and enticing plots.

The Cast and Crew

The Ullu upcoming web series boasts an exciting cast and crew. Let’s explore them further.

Meet the Lead Cast Members

The lead cast members include talented actors such as Jatin Bhatia, Rohit Roy, and Jinnie Jazz. All of them bring a wealth of experience to their roles and are known for their exceptional acting skills.

Behind the lens: The Directors and Producers

The series is directed by an experienced team of directors, including Hitesh Kumar and Rohit Anand. The executive producers are Vibhu Agarwal and Rajeev Mishra, who have previously worked on many successful web series.

The Writing Team: Who’s Behind the Plotline?

The writer of the upcoming series is Zafar Ahmed, who has established a reputation in the market for weaving interesting stories.

The Plot and Theme

The plot of the upcoming series is kept under wraps, but the trailer suggests it will be a thrilling drama that explores themes like love, lust, and betrayal. Let’s take a closer look.

Genre and Style

The genre of the upcoming series can be described as a bold and edgy drama. The show will be a reflection of ULLU’s signature style, which is known for its titillating plots and daring themes.

What’s Different About the Plot

Without giving away too much, the plot of the upcoming series promises to be different from the run-of-the-mill shows out there. It will feature unconventional themes that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Themes to Look Out For

The upcoming web series will explore themes like love, lust, betrayal, and the dark side of human nature. The makers have promised to keep the audience entertained throughout the series.

Production and Filming

The process of production and filming is critical to the success of any web series. Here’s what you need to know about it.

The Budget for the Series

The budget for the upcoming series is said to be a significant amount that proves the makers’ faith in the concept and the quality they want to deliver.

Where Has Filming Taken Place?

The series has been shot in various locations across India. The picturesque backdrops and exotic locations will add to the series’ visual appeal and keep the audience engaged.

The Challenges Faced During Production

The process of production and filming is not without its fair share of challenges. The makers have overcome various hurdles like location scouting, shooting permissions, scheduling conflicts, and more, to bring the series to life.

Marketing and Publicity

Marketing and publicity are crucial aspects of the web series industry. Let’s discuss how ULLU is promoting its upcoming series.

The Promotion Campaign So Far

ULLU has been promoting its upcoming series extensively on social media and other platforms. The teasers, posters, and trailers have piqued the audience’s interest, generating a buzz around the series.

Expected Release Date

The makers have not yet announced the release date for the upcoming series. However, we can expect it to drop soon, given the time and effort invested.

How is ULLU Using Social Media to Their Advantage?

ULLU has a robust social media presence across multiple platforms, which it is using to promote its upcoming series. The teasers and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage have garnered a lot of attention on social media, creating a sense of anticipation among fans.

The Controversies

With bold and daring themes, web series are often embroiled in controversies. The upcoming series from ULLU is no exception.

So-called “Vulgar Content” Controversy: What’s the Truth?

ULUU has come under fire from various quarters, which have labeled its content as vulgar and inappropriate. However, the viewership numbers suggest that the content resonates with many of ULLU’s loyal viewers.

Criticism Over Objectification of Women

Web series like ULLU tend to feature content that is heavily sexualized, leading to criticism over their treatment of women. However, the creators have maintained that their intention is to tell engaging and realistic stories, and the content is meant for mature audiences who can make informed choices.

Other Controversies Surrounding the Web Series

Web series like the upcoming one from ULLU is bound to attract controversies for its bold themes. However, the creators have remained focused on delivering quality content and engaging stories.

Behind the Scenes

The making of any web series is a collaborative effort that involves a lot of hard work, coordination, and talent. Here are some interesting insights into the making of ULLU’s upcoming series.

Insider Scoop on the Crew’s Dynamic

The crew of the upcoming series has an excellent working dynamic, with each member bringing their unique expertise to the table. Their shared vision and commitment to delivering quality work have translated into a captivating series.

Fun and Bloopers on Set

The making of a web series is not without its fun moments. From impromptu performances to hilarious bloopers, the cast and crew had a lot of memorable experiences that added to the series’ charm.

Favorite Moments During Production

The hard work put in by the cast and crew paid off, resulting in many memorable moments that the team cherishes.

Final Thoughts

The upcoming web series from ULLU promises to be an exciting addition to the web series space. It showcases the creators’ commitment to delivering quality content that resonates with the audience. We can expect the series to be a grand success, given the experienced cast and crew behind it.

Does the Series Live Up to the Hype?

It’s hard to say if the series will live up to the hype and expectations, but going by ULLU’s previous productions, we can expect it to be a thrilling and intriguing show.

The Market for Web Series in India

The Indian market for web series is growing rapidly, and many players are trying to capture their share of the pie. Ullu upcoming web series is sure to cement the platform’s position as one of the leading players in the space.

What We’re Most Excited About

We are most excited about the themes explored in the Ullu upcoming web series, which are bound to generate conversations among the viewers. The unique storyline and talented cast and crew have us eagerly anticipating the release of the series.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the upcoming web series from ULLU.

When is the series set to release?

There has been no official announcement about the release date, but it is expected to drop soon.

Who are the lead actors in the series?

The lead actors in Ullu upcoming web series include Jatin Bhatia, Rohit Roy, and Jinnie Jazz.

What are the themes explored in the series?

The series explores themes like love, lust, and betrayal, and the dark side of human nature.

What is the budget for the series?

The makers have invested a significant amount in the series, indicating their faith in the show’s potential.

How can I subscribe and watch Ullu upcoming web series?

You can subscribe to ULLU on their official website or app to watch their vast collection of entertaining web series, including the upcoming one.


To conclude, ULLU’s upcoming web series promises to deliver captivating content that will resonate with viewers looking for something different. The talented cast and crew and the unique storyline create a captivating viewing experience that is sure to be a hit with audiences. With the popularity of web series on the rise in India, we can expect more exciting shows like this one to make their mark in the industry.

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